With a victory in Bosnia, the Young Devils are certain of the European Championship: all hope for a reborn Openda | Red Devils

PromisesFrom superfluous at Club Brugge to revelation of the Eredivisie. Loïs Openda (21) is in the lead with Vitesse in the Eredivisie. Tonight the national promises are counting on the striker to open the gate to the European Championship.

Then you win 4-1 against Germany. Put your Wales aside with 5-0. To end up stupidly shooting yourself in the foot during a move to Goddess Moldova. 1-0 loss in Tiraspol. And suddenly Belgium was second.

Loïs Openda had pulled the trigger in Moldova by missing a penalty kick in the absolute final phase. He is forgiven, says mainstay Wout Faes. “We did not blame Openda’s missed penalty. He took his responsibility, then you can’t be angry. He must have pulled it on himself afterwards – that makes sense – but he certainly already turned that switch. It helps if you do so well at your club. He plays with confidence. ”

Openda has blossomed in a club context in recent months. He had ended up on a sidetrack at Club Brugge. In the summer, Vitesse came knocking for a loan. Traditionally a topper in the Netherlands. This season, Vitesse seems to aim higher. After eight match days it is in joint first place with Ajax, to the surprise of everyone and everything.

Openda plays more than its part in that. Four goals in his last five matches. The Red Bull football of the German coach Thomas Letsch is made for him. The Eredivisie is in any case a playground for a striker with the depth of Openda.

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The Club mercenary himself knows this all too well: “Let’s just say that it is a competition made for attackers, where there is a lot of space. In that respect it is different to play football than in Belgium. There you have to fight much harder against defenders, everything closes and it is especially ensure that you do not concede a goal. ”

Openda himself does not shy away from the strong statements after his flying start. He wondered about Voetbal International why Vitesse could not compete for the title.

At Club Brugge they keep a close eye on his evolution. Vitesse lends Openda for one season. Without purchase option. A conscious choice of blue-black. If the striker continues to score in the Netherlands, its market value will be significantly higher than any clause included in the contract.

Before that, the national under 23 team is still counting on him. Tonight in Bosnia, for example, where the Young Devils may face an ultra-defensive opponent. Only with a win can the European Championship in Hungary and Slovenia no longer escape the Belgians. A draw or a loss means that Jacky Mathijssen’s team is dependent on results in the other groups. Scoring is therefore a must, as Faes also knows: “And then it is reassuring when you have someone like Openda.”

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