With a similar look to the Honda Vario, the Ampere Reo Elite electric motorcycle has a low price tag of just Rp. 8 million

HALLOTERNATE.COM – Recommendation electric motor with price cheaper, Ampere Reo Elite looks similar to Honda Vario.

Ampere Reo Elite it is an electric motor created by an Indian company.

When viewed from the outside, the electric motor Ampere Reo Elite This is very similar to a conventional petrol engine Honda Vario.

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More like Honda Vario from electric motor Ampere Reo Elite this is the front, although the difference is noticeable.

Ampere Reo Elite This is an economical electric motor equipped with parallel specifications to electric motor price of 18 million.

Though powered by 250 watts of electricity, electric motor It can reach a maximum speed of 25km/hour.

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Not only that, if the battery is charged, Ampere Reo Elite this can reach a distance of 60 km.

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