With a hot pen: the scariest car in the NBA

LeBron James may have saved the Los Angeles Lakers in overtime. What is not saved is from the first place to the worst customization in the entire NBA. We share image and video below.

Don’t ask for much information in this installment. This is written with the hot pen, with the blood in the eye. An invented revenge. The grief is greater when analyzing: Los angeles lakers they took the lead only in the fourth quarter. I have nothing against LeBron James. His style is part of the game. The measure, however, is not enough. So I’ll spit it out, devoid of all reasoning, which I’m aware of.

The only player in the league who protests infatuated with all the fouls he is charged, the only player in the league who is brazenly saved by handing him a phantom foul in what was a clear loss at the hands of McConnell when the night was coming. And what was missing: the only one who can come to Indiana and have two of the audience in the front row expelled from the Fieldhouse because something about them has bothered him. I only accept and acknowledge that the officers and security have acted with the obsequiousness that was seen if it was racism or discrimination. Otherwise, no. I understand the player’s right to set a limit and not be worth everything. The same limit that they did not put on him, giving him just a crumb of sanction for elbowing in his last game. For all that, we declare still with the fever that does not go down that The scariest car in the NBA is yours, James’s.

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LeBron James’ Lamborghini Aventador Roadster.

What a way to ruin a Lamborghini Aventador. There are models that do not require much more than what they are wearing. And this time, the 6th of the Lakers it exceeded all the parameters of bad taste. And do not talk to me that tastes are tastes. Yes, I know. But I repeat: the blood in the eye. That, right now and until the writing is finished, will be the motor argument of the note.

And another thing. That he is untouchable in the league does not mean that he cannot go against the customizations he makes to his cars. Otherwise we would have to tolerate the second installment of Space Jam, which is impossible. I understand the context, that he has done it so that his Lamborghini would match his shoes, that according to his eyes that plot suits him, but come on, 500 thousand dollars in the trash.

Separate paragraph for Rick Carlisle, to whom, if he maintains the unfortunate proposals at the least opportune moments, one of his cars will have to be located on the same step as the Aventador that summons us. And about James, why not dedicate a list of the five best players in the history of the NBA? Well, because it doesn’t go there.



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