With 2,173 patients identified and 2 dead, the figures for dengue fever soared


If in Guyana since March all attention is focused on the Covid-19, another epidemic counts almost as many cases. It is dengue. Since January 2020 Guyana has observed 2,173 dengue patients and 2 dead. A worrying situation.

If in Guyana since March all attention is focused on the Covid-19, another epidemic counts almost as many cases: since January 2020 Guyana has observed 2,173 dengue patients and counts 2 dead.
It must be said that the context of the Covid crisis complicates the fight against dengue, covid communication has parasitized that of dengue. Not to mention that the symptoms of the two viruses are almost the same.

The whole territory is affected

Most of Guyana’s territory has been in a dengue epidemic for several weeks: the sectors of Maroni (from Apatou to Maripasoula), the West Coast (Saint Laurent, Mana, Awala), Kourou (from Montsinéry to Iracoubo) , from Cayenne Island (Cayenne, Rémire, Matoury).
When in the Oyapock sector (Ouanary, Saint Georges, Camopi) it is considered to be in “epidemic foci”. In the rest of the territory, only sporadic cases are observed.
The total number of cases has continued to increase in recent weeks.
Emergency room visits and dengue hospitalizations are also on the rise.
Two deaths were reported in May.
The latest epidemiological review of dengue fever reports 2,173 cases since January 2019.

An unfavorable containment context for epidemiological surveillance

However, these data should be interpreted with caution. The context of alert against the Covid-19 pandemic in particular, the establishment of containment influenced the epidemiological surveillance of dengue. Explanations from Sandrine Chantilly, assistant to the Head of the Health Solidarity prevention division at CTG:

Communication around the Covid parasites communication in the fight against dengue fever. And yet, it is a question of remaining vigilant in suppressing, identifying larval breeding places because of course this disease adds to the impact on the health system. It is important that everyone mobilizes in the home so as to hunt the mosquito to the best of their ability.

A mission complicated by this covid crisis. Respect for barrier gestures has impacted the raids on the homes of residents. New prevention techniques are therefore adopted: do it yourself so that everyone can take over in eliminating the hoppers, in particular the production of educational videos.
But other parameters must be taken into account when reading the latest epidemiological reports of dengue.
The constant evolution of dengue test strategies in a context of tension on reagents can lead to an underestimation of cases. But also the fall in consultations in town medicine and in hospital centers during confinement and finally the similarities of the symptoms of dengue and the Covid-19 virus, emphasizes doctor Tegna Léopold,
general practitioner:

… The patients stayed at home, they did not want to go to the doctor. They were afraid of medical offices, of the hospital …

This disease is not to be taken lightly. The last big epidemic dates from 2013. It left 6 dead and more than 13,000 sick.
The only solution remains the elimination of breeding places, a collective but also individual responsibility.

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