Wiseman sincerely advises his mentor to “a penny”: follow the green lips and learn how to do it | NBA | DONGTW Sports Net

NBA star “One Penny” Penny Hardaway is the mentor of Golden State Warriors rookie James Wiseman, and the two have a very close relationship. Previously, Wiseman was banned by the NCAA because he had received Hardaway’s $11,500 funding. Now, Wiseman entered the NBA as the second place and played the main center position in the Warriors. For his former disciples, Hardaway’s advice to him is: follow the Warriors star Draymond Green every day and learn more from him.

Under the guidance and protection of head coach Steve Kerr, Wiseman is slowly improving. When Hardaway was interviewed by the “the Athletic” reporter, he talked about Wiseman and said: “I told him to get along well with Green, stay with him every day, and tell Green what he feels. Will tell him what to do.” Indeed, Green has no reservations about this little brother. He himself said, “I tried to help him and tell him all the knowledge.”

Although the season has just begun, Wiseman has already played a starting center for the Warriors. He has played 8 games for the team, averaging 21.3 minutes of playing time, 11.3 points, 6.0 rebounds, and 1.6 hot pot. Green also spoke highly of Wiseman, saying: “He is only 19 years old. His performance on the court has shown his talent. I think he has the potential to become an All-Star. I am honored to be a veteran player. Role and provide him with guidance.”

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