#WirWerdenLaut: Parents and teachers support striking students

The student movement against the Profits Before Lives policy, developing under the slogan #WirWerdenLaut, is met with overwhelming solidarity from parents, teachers and other workers. A team of reporters World Socialist Web Site reported from Frankfurt on the recent strikes by students against the epidemic and subsequently received countless statements of support.

“Finally!”, writes Susanne L. on Facebook: “That’s right, you all have to do it, every student, every teacher!” Uwe S. from Landshut adds: “Big from the little ones! That gives hope for a useful future!” A user comments on Tiktok: “I think it’s really great and very reasonable, as you think! I am fully on your side and I understand you!”

On Facebook, the WSWS reports on the student protests were “liked” by hundreds of users in various groups and commented on by dozens. Ulrike W. writes about:

“The students have been neglected throughout the Corona period. The school was always open for the benefit of the children. It sounds like mockery. Statements like ‘School is not a pandemic driver’ were made with full conviction – a joke. Equipping schools for digital distance learning pays lip service. With the current failure due to quarantine and illness of teachers and students, it is hardly possible to reach the learning quota. How many students have been left behind by this stressful situation because they received no support and could not be encouraged? How many students will leave school without a degree? What do you intend to do for them?’

Monika M., a member of the network of action committees for safe education, writes about the students’ protests: “What this government is doing is anti-child and anti-family. In the hope that a Karl Lauterbach would protect my grandchildren and children, I actually voted for the SPD in the last election – again after many years. What can I say: It really hurts when you have to realize that our government only defines the health and education of our children by having them attend ailing schools instead of introducing innovative educational concepts.”

Jennifer, an educator from Hesse, states: “If at least children from the vulnerable group were offered the possibility of homeschooling, one could ‘perhaps’ lose faith in a deliberate contamination for the benefit of the economy. However, since coercion is also used here and parents are threatened with reprisals up to and including being taken into care by the state, although Since everything is available for distance learning, those responsible have lost all credibility.”

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