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From now on, one of the most important events in modern history can be viewed in a completely new quality. All thanks to the artificial intelligence that renewed the recording of the NASA Apollo 11 and 16 missions on the moon.

NASA is getting ready for the next mission that will allow man to return to the moon, but so far the success of the Apollo crew members has not been achieved. Astronauts on a NASA mission Apollo 11 and Apollo 16 made amazing videos of the moon landing. However, it is only after the recordings have been restored by artificial intelligence that we can see the cosmic wonders in all their glory.

During all lunar missions, the astronauts have captured the details of orbits, activities or experiments with 16mm film cameras that allow the movie to be played at 1, 6 or 12 frames per second. The standard speed in the film industry is 24 fps, and HD cameras record 30 or 60 fps.


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