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Barbara Kurdej-Szatan suffered the consequences of a vulgar entry about the Border Guard. However, the star was not deleted by everyone. There are those who want to give her a second chance.

The vulgar entry by Barbara Kurdej-Satan is still very loud. All because of the effects of her emotional reaction to the actions of the Border Guard. Let us recall that she called the officers murderers.

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The star lost her job on TVP, and was also targeted by the prosecutor’s office. There were also rumors that Kurdej-Satan would no longer cooperate with Play.

Ms Kurdej-Satan’s contract with the Play network continues. Spots as part of the “Stars moved to Play” campaign are still being recorded on schedule and will be recorded at least until the end of the year. The cooperation has not been broken – stated the manager of the actress Kuba Szwedowski, quoted by “Super Express”.



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