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Marianna Schreiber sat on the couch at Kuba Wojewódzki’s. The minister’s wife did not have to wait for the episode to be broadcast for her next “appearance” on TVN to be met with unpleasant comments. The celebrity revealed the content of the message she got from the former “mentor”.

About the minister’s wife Łukasz Schreiber it got noisy in september. In secret from my beloved Marianna decided to try her hand at “Top Model” and all the time now trying to use the attention gained then.

In a short time, the extremely active Instagram celebrity began writing a blog and getting ready to run a YouTube channel. Marianna Schreiber she also willingly gives interviews and has her first charity fashion show, where she became friends with Iwona Węgrowska, as well as posing on the wall. He is also preparing an “original social campaign”.

Michał Piróg about Marianna Schreiber: “She was a slave”

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