Winter Olympics 2022 | Winter Olympics ONLINE: Pančochová did not advance to the final, Dubovská was in action, hockey players play with Denmark

Slovakia won its first Olympic gold medal a day after the Czech Republic. After the first round of the slalom, star favorite Petra Vlhová was only eighth, but thanks to a great second run, she climbed to gold.

Another huge favorite, American Mikaela Shiffrin, dropped out in the first round. The best Czech Martina dubovská finished in 13th place.

Gabriela capová, who finished 32nd, made it to the finish of both races. place with a loss of 6.26 seconds on wet. Elese Sommer at 38. place in the first round of the second did not finish.

Home dangerous Denmark

The Czech national hockey team will start its opening match of Group B of the Olympic tournament against Denmark with seven defensemen and thirteen forwards. In addition to goalkeeper Roman will, Třinec defender David Musil will remain out of the lineup. And the Nationals have great news on Wednesday. Striker Michael Špaček had five consecutive negative tests in Prague after overcoming covid and will fly to Beijing on Thursday

Danish hockey players are at the Olympics for the first time, at the world championships their greatest achievement is two eighth places. But fans still have a fresh memory of how the national team against them at last year’s world championship in Riga tormented before they were defeated only in separate raids. Previously, the Czechs even lost to them twice at the World Cup.

In the current Danish team there are 14 hockey players with NHL experience, many play in the Swedish or Finnish league. In the Czech goal will be Simon Hrubec and on the ice ten other players who experienced last year’s drama in Riga.

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Photo: Vlastimil Vacek, Law

Šimon Hrubec and general manager Petr Nedvěd during trainingPhoto: Vlastimil Vacek, Right

Pančochová again failed

Snowboarder Šárka pančochová has the second of three disciplines in Beijing. She failed in the opening slopestyle and has to forget about the fight for medals after the U-ramp qualification. In the first run she got 41.75 points and in the result list she was listed at 15. place. Pančochová failed to improve her rating, she fell during the last trick of the second run and her hopes were over. The last chance has a Czech in big air, which is on the agenda on Monday.

The U-ramp qualification was dominated by the defending champion from Pyeongchang, American Chloe Kim, with a performance of 87.75. In second place was Micuki on from Japan and the third domestic representative of Cai süe-tchung.

Photo: Mike Blake, Reuters

Snowboarders compete at the Olympics in Beijing in the U-ramp qualification, Czech representative Šárka pančochová is also in action. (illustration photo)Photo: Mike Blake, Reuters

The Nordic combined lost its biggest star before the race on the middle bridge. Jarl Magnus Riiber of Norway cannot start because of covid and the same reason eliminated three other medal contenders including German Olympic champion Erik Frenzel.

For only 20-year-old Austrian Johannes Lamparter, who is the world champion on the big jump and the leader of the World Cup, the chance for a golden double has opened up. The best of the Czech quartet is Tomáš portyk, who finished 18th in Klingenthal before his third Olympics. place.

The Olympic champion in snowboardcross was Lindsey Jacobellis. The 36-year-old American won her first gold 16 years after a fiasco in Turin, where a trick on the penultimate jump deprived her of victory. For Vendula hopjáková ended the race in the semifinals with a hard fall, in which she broke her arm.

Vendula hopjáková after falling in the Olympic semi-finals.

The premiere of the ski big air at the Olympic Games was masterfully mastered by nor Birk Ruud. American Colby Stevenson finished second and Swede Henrik Harlaut third

One of the main contenders for the medal, Matěj švancer, a 17-year-old Czech native representing Austria, surprisingly fell out already in the qualification.

The race of pairs was dominated by German sleds Wendl and Arlt, Czechs on 16. place

German toboggans Tobias Wendl and Tobias Arlt in Beijing for the third time in a row won the Olympic race of pairs. The same thing happened on Tuesday to their compatriot Natalia Geisenberger. Filip vejdělek and Zdeněk pěkný occupied the penultimate 16 in their debut under five circles. place.ejdělek with a nice behind in the opening drive left only the home pair. In the second they improved by two places, but with a total time of 2: 00,117 they did not move higher. On the winner they lost in the sum of both runs three and a half seconds.

Wednesday’s program of the Olympic Games in Beijing (finals and Czech participation):
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snowboarding – U-ramp Women – qualification
Šárka Pančochová did not compete for medals
downhill skiing:
Women – slalom:
1. Vlhová (SR) 1:44.98 (52.89+52.09)
2. Liensberger (Cancer.) -0,08 (52,83+52,23)
3. Holdener (Swiss) -0,12 (52,65+52,45)
4. Dürr (German) -0.19 (52.17+53.00)
5. Slokarova (Slovin.) -0,22 (52,64+52,56)
6. Gisin -0,60 (52,20+53,38)
7. Growth (both Swiss) -0.77 (53.35+52.40)
8. Moltzanova (USA) -1.20 (52.79+53.39)
9. Swenn Larsson (Swe.) -1,33 (53,44+52,87)
10. Danioth (Swe.) -1.66 (53.66+52.98)
…13. Dubovskaya -2.05 (53.90+53.13)
32. Cap -6,26 (55,96+55,28)
Sommerová (all cr) did not finish 2. rental.
4:00 snowboardcross Women – qualification (Hopjakova),
Acrobatic skiing – Big Air, men
1. Ruud (Burkina Faso)) 187.75 b
2. Stevenson (USA) 183.0
3. Harlaut (Swe.) 181,0
4. Magnusson (Swe.) 178,25
5. Donaggio (It.) 172.0
6. Lliso (Spain)) 171,50
7. Tjader (Swe.) 170,25
8. Hall (USA) 160,75
9. McEachran (Kan.) 115,50
10. Nummedal (Nor.) 110,50
Snowboardcross – ladies
1. Jacobellis (USA)
2. Trespeuchová (Fr.)
3. Odine (Kan.)
4. Brockhoff (Austr.)
5. Pereira De Sousa Mabileau (Fr.)
6. Critchlow (Kan.)
7. Gaskill (USA)
8. Ms Moioli (It.)
…28. Hopjakova (Czech Republic) – eliminated in the semifinals.
Nordic combination (middle Bridge/10 km):
1. Geiger 25:07,7
2. Graabak (Burkina Faso)) -0,8,
3. Greiderer -6,6
4. Lamparter (both cancer.) -9,0,
5. Rydzek (German) -21.8
6. Herola (Fin.) -25,4
7. A. Watabe (Jap.) -32.4
8. Schmid (German) -50,2
9. Rehrl (Cancer.) -1:09,6
10. Oftebro (Burkina Faso)) -1:42,5
…20. Portico -2:08,7
21. Danek -2:34.1
26. Persevered -2:57.0
29. Pažout (all CR) -3:23,7
13:20 sleigh – couple (nice, vintage),
14:10 Hockey-Men: Czech Republic-Denmark,
14: 20 speed skating on short track-1500 m men-final.

1. Wendl, Arlt 1: 56,554 min. (58,255+58,299)
2. Eggert, Benecken (all German) -0,099 (58,300+58,353)
3. Steu, Koller (Cancer.) -0,511 (58,426+58,639)
4. Bots, Plume -0,865 (58,628+58,791)
5. A. Shics, J. Shics (All lot.) -0,883 (58,703+58,734)
6. Rieder, Kainzwaldner (It.) -1,043 (58,602+58,995)
7. Walker, Snith (Kan.) -1,364 (58,895+59,023)
8. Denisev, Antonov (Rus) -1,439 (59,040+58,953)
9. Chmielewski, Kowalewski (Pol.) -1,511 (58,992+59,073)
10. Bogdanov, Prokhorov (Rus.) -1,954 (59,376+59,132)
…16. Nice, Vejdělek (CR) -3,563 (1:00,248+59,869)

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