Winter is getting worse

– It is not very spring mood. The winter is holding back a bit, says Rannveig Eikill to Dagbladet.

The state meteorologist looks out of the office window in Tromsø and describes a blue sky.

It will not last. Norway has been ravaged by quite violent weather since the end of Easter. Especially Western Norway and the mountain passes have been driven. The state meteorologist can reassure that it will calm down a bit this weekend, but the weather will not be much better. For Eastern Norway, she describes something reminiscent of a roller coaster weather from Saturday onwards.

Night frost

– It will be sunny on Saturday, but cloudy from Sunday. On Monday it will be gray and rainy, while there will be stays from Tuesday and quite fine on Wednesday and Thursday. It is uncertain, but it looks like there will be precipitation next weekend, is the verdict from Eikill.

The night frost will continue and the daytime temperatures will not exactly feel springy, they will rather the next time. On-duty meteorologist Pernille Bornander warns NTB about the challenging driving conditions, especially in southern Norway.

– Where there is no snow, there will still be night frost. Then it can be slippery on the roads in the morning before the sun sets, says Bornander.

RESCUE ACTION: Here they try to get control of the situation on Eemslift Hendrika in the Norwegian Sea. From 5 April. Photo: HRS
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Sun in the north

Parts of Western Norway have had new rounds of snow recently.

– It’s still wintery. It will snow in Western Norway and it may draw some precipitation towards Eastern Norway, especially in the north and west of Agder, she says.

Rain, sleet and possibly snow will still affect Western Norway from Friday. Also Trøndelag. On Thursday, the Norwegian Meteorological Institute issued an OBS warning about a yellow danger warning for snow in Nordfjord and Møre og Romsdal. From Friday morning to Saturday afternoon, a lot of snow is expected, as much as 10-25 centimeters locally in the lowlands, while in the heights even more is feared.

It is indeed getting better and state meteorologist Eikill warns that the snow will fall on Sunday and there will be stays from Monday for the western and central parts of the country.

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The weather winner for the next period may look to be the northernmost parts of Norway.

– It looks quite nice in Troms and Finnmark, while in Nordland there will be some snow. But the precipitation will move north through the weekend. The temperature indicates that it will fall like snow or sleet, she says.

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