Winning in the Thomas Cup, Fajar/Rian Don’t Want to Continue to be Layers

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia —

Indonesian men’s doubles Fajar Alfian/Muhammad Rian Ardianto hope for victory over China in the final Thomas Cup 2020 (Thomas Cup 2021) is proof that they don’t want to just be a backing couple.

Fajar/Rian, who in the preliminary phase played mostly as the second double, have now been selected as Indonesia’s first double in the Thomas Cup final.

Fajar/Rian answered that trust by successfully adding to Indonesia’s 2-0 advantage over China in the Thomas Cup final at Ceres Arena, Sunday (17/10) night WIB. Fajar/Rian successfully beat the Chinese pair He Ji Ting/Zhao Hao Dong, 21-12, 21-19.

“Thank God we were able to contribute a winning number for Indonesia. We were able to play unscathed. We didn’t expect to be able to play in the Thomas Cup final and as the first double and be able to contribute points,” Fajar said after the match in a PBSI release.

“I’m happy because I was able to present a victory. This success is very important for us not to be a back-up couple. This adds to our confidence,” Rian added.

In the Thomas Cup final, this world number 7 pair always wins from the start. Both appear compact and solid.

Meanwhile, opponents who are not original partners often overslept against Fajar/Rian’s attacks, especially in the first game.

“The opponent is also not the original partner, we are very confident to beat them. The Chinese doubles are an impromptu pair, so the rotation has not gone well. Of course we take advantage of this opportunity,” said Fajar.

Apart from being confident, Fajar/Rian also claimed to be calm even though the opponent managed to reduce the score behind.

“Just calm down and try to get a point. It turned out to be successful. From the start we were ready to put all our energy and ability to win and score points,” said Rian.

“Our capital is to focus on playing from the beginning to the end. Thank God we can apply a strategy to play well and win,” said Fajar chimed in.

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