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Winner takes monster score, loser has no chance …

by world today news

Riadh Bahri, journalist of the VRT news, did not miss his entrance in The smartest person in the world. He immediately took the victory with a monster score.

Last night’s winner:

“No, I cannot become the smartest person in the world”, said Riadh Bahri. Still, he won convincingly with 594 points. The second highest score ever.

The loser:

Hans Vanaken put the thumbs up for Ella Leyers in the final game.

Tonight’s newcomer:

The Dutch dancer Jan Kooijman.

The best quotes:

Riadh Bahri: “I am not allowed to enter Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia. I am gay. ”

Rik Verheye: “Anyway, you can’t read that on your head, is it?”

Herman Brusselmans: “Bwa, I think so.”

Erik Van Looy: “Have you already stolen something?”

Rik Verheye: “Yes, at the Kruidvat. Smurfs, that snack. I put it in my mouth as a child and I still do. But I said it to the people of Kruidvat. They call me Gargamel when I come in. ”

Brusselmans: “I am so afraid of heights that I get calluses on my feet every day.”

Van Looy: “Yes, I have been hard to get once.

Verheye: “And now hard to get hard, right?”

The Most Beautiful Moment:

Ella Leyers wears an outfit reminiscent of a flight attendant. “When I was straight, I liked that,” said Bahri. Van Looy: “Were you still straight?”

Bahri: “Yeah, yeah, yeah.”

Van Looy: “And where did it work out?”

Bahri: “The latter said to me: calm, not so brutal. Then I thought, it’s good girl, I’ll stop. ”(Jdr)

The intermediate score

1 Ella Leyers

(7 episodes)

2 Hans Vanaken

(4 episodes)

3 Miguel Wiels

(2 episodes)

4 Senne Misplon

(2 episodes)

5 Riadh Bahri

(2 episodes)

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