Wine, which are the 115 top wineries and large companies that dominate the market

Upward trend, despite the difficulties

2022 started very well. Beyond the best expectations of many operators. And at the end of the first quarter, exports are also growing: more 12.6% for a value of 2.3 billion. Too bad the slowdown in wine orders registered by the Italian Wine Union starting from April. Also taking into account the inflation problem, the exorbitant costs of raw materials and the difficulties in finding labor, it is realistic to hypothesize a year with lower margins for the wine market. But Italian winemakers are tough, resilient, incurably optimistic, as they demonstrated during the pandemic. And so they aim to replicate last year’s trend, full of surprises and above average results. what emerges clearly also from the exclusive ranking of the 115 major Italian wineries. A significant sample of the national wine industry which represents 55.6% of the total turnover of the sector calculated by the Uiv Observatory, 65.36% of exports and 46.2% of domestic sales. Overall, the 73 private wineries and 42 coop present in the 2021 ranking recorded a turnover of just over 8 billion, an export of 4.6 billion and 3.4 billion in collections on the domestic market, with an increase of 18.31% on the total turnover, export growth of 20.86% and development in Italy of 15.02%.

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