Wine that has been in space is being auctioned

Photo: Christie’s

Space wine Petrus 2000 is sold in special packaging

The starting price of Petrus 2000, the regular price of which is $ 10,000, is about a million dollars.

A bottle of French wine Petrus 2000 from a batch that spent a year in space on the International Space Station was put up for sale by Christie’s, reported AR agency.

It is noted that the starting price of the lot is about a million dollars.

“The trip turned the $ 10,000 a bottle wine, known for its complexity, silky ripe tannins and aromas of black cherries, cigars and leather, into a scientific novelty and still a wonderful bottle of wine,” said Christie’s director Tim Tiptree.

He also stressed that the wine was “aged in a unique environment” with almost “zero gravity” on board.

According to the newspaper, before the auction, Petrus 2000 was sent for tasting, as a result of which the experts noted that the drink had changed – it became much softer and more aromatic.

In a set with a “space” wine, for which a special package was created, a bottle of the same drink is sold so that, Tiptree noted, “a happy customer would have the opportunity to compare them.”

As a reminder, in 2019 Space Cargo Unlimited sent 12 bottles of wine into orbit… The goal of the experiment is to understand what effect microgravity and increased radiation will have on alcohol.

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