Windy, the gym has been renovated but for now Covid prevents its use

The Ventoso gym

Scandiano, in addition to the school, is used by sports groups. Structural interventions were carried out for 300 thousand euros

SCANDIANO. The renovated gym in Ventoso is ready for use, after a long series of interventions worth 300 thousand euros in total which led to the refurbishment of a large part of the structure.The sports facility next to the elementary school in the main fraction of the Scandianesi hills is remained closed for a few months in the second half of 2020 to allow the construction of the construction site. Now it would be available both for school activities and for the afternoon and evening activities of the various sports associations in the area, even if the overall health restrictions reduce the opportunities to a minimum.

However, when the sport returns to be allowed with less rigidity, the gym will immediately function normally, after the investment of 300 thousand euros of municipal funds at the center of the contract promoted by the Municipality and assigned to the Geco consortium, which it then entrusted to Ime srl the practical part. The basis of the project was represented by structural works designed in an anti-seismic perspective, so as to make the gym up to standard.

Furthermore, the removal of a large part of the external roof covering was envisaged, with the elimination of the cement and asbestos blocks, a legacy of the original construction, built when the potential risks of asbestos dust were still unclear. All the interior spaces have been renovated and repainted, including the changing rooms and service rooms; the large walls have also been repainted and above all the available area has been enlarged thanks to the removal of the old tribune, now no longer up to standard and very cumbersome.The various finishes, and the installation of a new external video surveillance system, have been financed with the so-called tender discounts of the main package, savings guaranteed by more competitive offers that have made it possible to generate the economic margin necessary to cover these additional costs.

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The actual works had been completed in the autumn, started in September and completed within the time frame foreseen by the original contract. At that point, the new small improvements were added, such as the revisions of the electrical systems, the arrangement of the internal doors and the false ceilings of the changing rooms and the purchase of shockproof protections to be placed at the edge of the playing field. Then, the static seismic tests and checks were carried out by the provincial fire brigade command, a fundamental step to be able to obtain the green light for sporting activity in the structure, also used by local classes as well as for many courses aimed at young and very young athletes. And for “senior” competitive activities, especially in the evening, in the pre-pandemic periods.


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