Windows update is preventing some browsers from opening

If you are still on Windows 10 and have recently installed the KB5012599 update, it is possible that you have some problems starting some browsers on the system.

Since the update was released, and users started installing it, bug reports have increased in the opening of some browsers, namely Firefox and others based on Chromium.

The KB5012599 update was released for Windows 10 this week, with users quickly confirming that it also causes browsers to display the error 0xc0000022 during startup, preventing it from being used.

The error does not seem to occur on all browsers. At the moment it seems that this occurs more in Edge, Chrome and Firefox. However, on the same systems where the error occurs with these browsers, Brave, Opera and Vivaldi continue to function correctly.

error message example

The exact cause of these problems is still unknown, and Microsoft has not left any comment on the case. However, there is one thing in common about all systems that have flaws: they meet with ESET antivirus.

It is possible that the failure is being checked due to some incompatibility between the Windows update and ESET. This antivirus program has a functionality to protect the browsers installed on the system, which allows opening a safe version of them for some online activities – such as payments.

The flaws seem to be related to the safe version of the browser or the identification of processes. This could be the reason why not all users find themselves checking for problems.

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