Windows is 35 years old, let’s see what Windows 1 was like –

November 20 Windows has accomplished the beauty of 35 years. To celebrate Vintage is the New Old site he dabbled in installing and launching Windows 1, the original version of the hugely popular operating system released by Microsoft in 1985.

In reality, the version released to the public was not Windows 1.0, which remained internal to Microsoft, but Windows 1.01. It was a very different operating system from what it would become with version 3.0. For example the windows they could not be stacked, but only stacked, creating a huge mess when more than two opened. If desired, it was possible to place them side by side, but not by dragging them: you had to use a special option, Move, present in the drop-down menu of the individual windows. The windows could however be minimized and the interface could have more colors using an EGA video card (on CGA it was monochrome).

To take a further step into nostalgia and other details, check out the video below. In reality it is really difficult for anyone to regret Window 1, given the evolution of operating systems over the years. However it is always good to know where we came from so as to understand that in certain times much of what we take for granted today was not at all.

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