Windows 11 received an update focusing on Android games

Microsoft recently released a Windows 11 update to Insiders program participants, and the data package included a new version of the so-called Windows Subsystem for Android. It’s this particular subsystem that allows the Redmonds’ desktop PC ecosystem to run Android apps and games. In the new update, the latter get the main role, not only did they try to optimize the performance of the games, but as it turns out from the change log, the controllers got support, and from now on, some gestures specifically used on smartphones and tablets can also be used with physical controllers.

So let the innovations that are listed in the changelog follow. It is worth noting that a lot of this is only available to Insiders users for the time being, and although the experience is that most of the functions made available in advance will also be there in the final version, there is no guarantee of this in all cases.

  • The Windows Subsystem for Android Settings application includes some additional elements that can be turned on separately and can improve the user experience within certain apps
  • Keyboard support for joystick games
  • Controller support within games
  • Support for aiming with the arrow keys in games
  • The arrow keys can now also perform the swipe gesture
  • Scrolling has been improved
  • Network improvements and fixes
  • The minimum window size for Android applications is now 220 dp by default
  • Fixed dialog when unsupported VPN is detected
  • New setting option to view and save diagnostic data within the Windows Subsystem for Android Subsystem Settings app
  • Security updates
  • General improvements that increase the stability and reliability of the system, including the improvement of diagnostic dimensions
  • Graphics improvements

A 2206.40000.15.0 version number update is currently only available to US testers. In case it wasn’t clear to anyone, the Subsystem for Android subsystem allows emulation of applications written for the Android operating system without the need to use third-party software. The necessary application can be downloaded from the Microsoft application store for any device running the Windows 11 system.

Up until now, games developed for the green robot system could only be played on Windows devices that enabled touch input, but this, as you can read in the summary of innovations above, will soon change. If possible errors can be weeded out during the current test period, then in the future we will be able to play Android games on desktop computers and laptops with controllers, mice and keyboards, provided they run Windows 11, without any fancy, resource-demanding emulators.

Source: GSMArena

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