Windows 11 on AMD Ryzen Processors Causes Some Application Slowdown

REDMOND, – Windows 11 already available to users, but Ryzen computer users seem to have to hold back first. There are a number of issues with Windows 11 on Ryzen processors that cause apps to run slower.

In a post published on the website AMD, the company warns Ryzen owners who install and upgrade to Windows 11 may experience instances where their apps slow down.

This slowdown is due to several Windows 11 bugs affecting Ryzen processors specifically, causing the CPU to slow down by as much as 15 percent. This issue also affects app access to L3 cache by increasing latency by three times.

This means that apps will take longer to access memory which in turn affects their performance. AMD has acknowledged this issue and is working with Microsoft to resolve it, as quoted from Ubergizmo.

Editor: Dini Listiyani



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