Windows 11 Makes Some PCs with AMD Processors Experience Performance Problems

Windows 11 features a sleek new design with pastel colors, rounded corners, a new startup sound, and an overall more Mac-like appearance.

In Windows 11 you will find many new desktop features, such as widgets that can give you information at a glance, and creation desktop easier virtual.

Quoted by CNet, at the Microsoft Build development conference on May 25, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, said the company is planning one of the most significant Windows updates of the last decade, and major changes will occur for the OS’s 1.3 billion users in 2021.

In its virtual launch, Microsoft also briefly demonstrated the TikTok application running on Windows 11. In its appearance, the Microsoft Store also lists Ring, Yahoo, Uber, and other applications.

The Microsoft Store features several categories, such as movie recommendations from Disney+, Microsoft 365, Android Apps, game collections, to Essential Apps.

In the Android Apps section, Microsoft displays a variety of Android applications through the Amazon Appstore.

However, it’s not clear how many devices are compatible with Android apps on Windows 11, as the hardware needs to support Intel Bridge technology.

Even so, the step of integrating Android apps directly into Windows is a significant change.




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