Windows 11 makes a computer with AMD Ryzen slow, this is the reason

Microsoft officially launches its newest operating system Windows 11 which offers a fresh look and new features. Ironically, the processor-based computer users AMD Ryzen will feel the computer performance is slow or reduced after installing Windows 11.

In the support page on the official website, AMD already know the problem and reveal the two factors that make the device based on AMD Ryzen is slow after installation Windows 11. The first is the level-3 (L3) cache latency on the processor which increases up to 3 times longer than usual when the computer is running Windows 11. In effect, the performance when running the application decreases between 3 to 5 percent. Computer performance will be very slow when the computer is running games. AMD said the decline in performance could reach 10-15 percent in e-sports game titles.

The second problem is related to the CPU core selection system that is prioritized for running applications (preferred core). As a result, the performance of performance sensitive applications or some CPU threads can be affected. This second problem is more specifically found in processors with more than 8 CPU cores and TDP above 65 watts.

Processor AMD that may be affected by one or both of the above issues include the Ryzen 2000, 3000, 4000, up to 5000 Series, as well as the Epyc and Athlin lines. In addition, CPU AMD Epyc for data center computers, as well as a number of the latest Athlon series CPUs were also affected, as summarized from Tom’s Hardware.

AMD ensure that it is working with Microsoft to provide solutions for processor PCs AMD which has decreased performance in Windows 11. The plan is that the repairs for the two problems will be distributed in October 2021.


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