Windows 10 will start to download additional updates to Microsoft products | Technology

Microsoft will add a new collection of updates to Windows Update, specifically updates targeting additional company products.

Microsoft wants to take the Windows 10 updates, and now you could start receiving support for additional product updates from Redmond as well.

Windows 10 updates can be a nuisance, so much as to spoil the test of your life for an opposition, and that without neglecting all the problems that may arise in the system, but Microsoft wants to continue betting on such updates, even take them much further.

Thanks to Windows Update, you can easily download updates of functions, cumulative, security and optional throughout the days, although you can also pause them so you do not have to receive them until you consider it appropriate. But beyond the updates that we have named you above, there are also updates for Microsoft products, which you currently have to activate manually from the operating system configuration application.

As anticipated WindowslatestStarting this month, Microsoft will begin releasing updates for additional Microsoft products such as .NET Core 2.1, 3.1 or .NET 5.0. In this way, from Windows Update you will also be allowed to apply updates to the .NET Core Runtime, Core Runtime and .NET Core Desktop Runtime installers. These .NET packages include runtime tools and functions or new languages ​​for desktop applications of the operating system. Note that these installers are implemented through Visual Studio or as part of another application.

Basically .NET Core is used to run some Windows 10 applications and those from Redmond want to start sending these updates directly through Windows update, so we will have many more updates waiting to be installed on our system.

The first .NET update that you will receive through Windows Update will occur if you have enabled updates for Microsoft products within Windows update settings.

Once you have this setting enabled and you have an update available, you will see it within the settings application and you can choose to install it or not. Don’t worry because this is disabled by default, so you won’t have to put up with additional updates for Microsoft products if you don’t see fit.

This change in Windows Update will begin to be reflected for users next week, when the Tuesday December patch release is available.

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