Windows 10, should the start menu evolve?

The start menu is an essential part of Windows 10. It is a most popular feature of the OS. On usage is massive because it is very often the starting point for everything you do on your PC.

Over the years, it has evolved and changed, but Microsoft still needs to make changes. Since the historic Windows 8 fiasco with its disappearance, the giant has become extremely cautious against it. The modifications are slight and if some makeover attempts have been published they remain theoretical.

Windows 10, Microsoft Unveils New Start Menu

Clearly only “subtle” improvements are proposed.

Since the publication of the first images around Windows 10X many hope that this file will accelerate.

Windows 10X

The idea is that the start menu of Windows 10X slowly but surely finds its way to Windows 10. For the moment we have no official information confirming this hypothesis. It is however certain that his style changes to become more modern. News icons have been deployed and small improvements have been made to the dynamic thumbnails to make their integration more transparent and natural.

Windows 10, the start menu must evolve

Windows 10 and the new Start Menu

More generally, it is obvious that the start menu needs changes. Why ? As an essential element of the interface it cannot remain “inert”. It should evolve at the same speed as that of Windows 10. This is a necessity to guarantee a coherent and structured approach.

History shows that we are on a delicate part of the Windows interface. In 2012 Microsoft became aware of its importance when Windows 8 was released. At the time Redmond had the very bad idea of ​​removing it for the benefit of a home screen that introduced dynamic thumbnails. The reactions were brutal and lively on the side of both consumers and professionals. In less than a year, a patch was created … Windows 8.1. However, we had to wait for the release of Windows 10 to find a “real” menu to start.

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Since then it has changed slightly with subtle improvements but no “big change” has taken place. On this subject certain rumors evoke the possible abandonment of the dynamic labels because they would be in the end only little used. Tests have been carried out internally on this subject.

Windows 10, Microsoft offers a Start Menu without dynamic thumbnail

In the end, the start menu must continue its “little revolution” in order to follow the evolutions of Windows 10. It is also a necessity because it is one of the first places visited by users when starting their PCs. Finally it must adapt to needs, uses and competition. Indeed Apple has just announced a major overhaul of its desktop OS macOS.

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