Windows 10 – Pulls update after criticism

Forcing updates on your computer is nothing new, but it can still be seen as invasive.

For example, the latest Windows 10 update has caused frustration. according to The Verge this applies to an update which, after a forced restart of the PC, installed Office apps in the start menu.

It is true that the apps themselves were not installed on the computer, only shortcuts to the web version are opened in Microsoft’s Edge browser

Did not ask for permission

What has made people react is that Microsoft has neither asked for permission nor informed about the change, writes Engadget.

The Verge also believes that it undermines the only good argument Microsoft has for mandatory updates, namely to close security holes and prevent the spread of malware. Now it only appears as an attempt to earn money, the website believes.

Microsoft blames a bug

After the case has been covered in a number of media, Microsoft now claims that the automatic update is partly due to an error, and that they will now stop the rollout until they find a new way to solve it, writes ZDnet.

In Windows 10, Microsoft has attached tiles that are connected to the Web version of Office apps in the Start menu, but only if the desktop version of similar Office apps is not already installed on your computer.

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