Wim De Vilder shows how he secretly defies heat DURING news: “Fortunately no cameras under the desk” (photo)

And TV-watching Flanders thinks he is right.

It’s warm. What do we say? Hot! And whoever watches the news these days will undoubtedly have wondered whether the news anchors are not too hot in their tailored suits.

Well, Wim De Vilder lifts a corner of the veil. “It’s summer for everyone. Also for news anchors. Right? ”, Says Wim on Instagram.

He places that text with a funny photo. Tight at the top in the suit, at the bottom in shorts. “Fortunately no cameras under the desk,” he continues.

Quite right!

Reactions to the nice picture are not forthcoming. “May be seen”, said a fan. “Great man! I don’t mind you wearing a polo or T-shirt in front of the camera ”, someone continues. “Beautiful, beautiful legs”, it also sounds.

Furthermore, we read nothing but understanding for Wim’s choice. “You know, I am annoyed when newsreaders or weather people are telling how warm it is. We as viewers then think: are you not hot? You are just ordinary people, ”someone concludes.

Photo: Instagram / een.be

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