Willy murder, the citizenship income received by the Bianchi brothers

Marco and Gabriele Bianchi, the two brothers aged 24 and 26 accused of voluntary homicide for the death of Willy Monteiro Duarte, they took the citizenship income. Together with Artena’s twins, the father also received the income. The other two arrested for Willy’s murder, too, Mario Pincarelli, 22, and Francesco Belleggia, 23, received the same subsidy. To apply for a citizenship income were the respective heads of families who could therefore be investigated in case of false declarations.

The patrimonial investigation on the Bianchi family was ordered by the prosecutor of Velletri (prosecutor Luigi Paoletti) after doubts about the income of the arrested boys had emerged in recent days. In particular the Whites would have flaunted SUVs, watches and designer clothes despite not having a real job (Gabriele had just opened a fruit shop in Cori, near Artena, with the help of his girlfriend’s father, the Velletri Ladaga). Hence the need to clarify.

Meanwhile, last night the Municipality of Colleferro organized a torchlight procession to commemorate Willy Monteiro Duarte. a fundraiser is underway to support family expenses.

Willy Monteiro Duarte
Willy Monteiro Duarte

Willy – according to the autopsy – was killed with kicks and punches, with the attackers climbing on his body when he was now defenseless, beating him with a series of repeated blows.

The brawl in which Willy was killed, in the night between 5 and 6 September in Colleferro, would have broken out for futile reasons: according to what was revealed by Federico Zurma – the friend Willy wanted to help when he realized he was arguing with others young people – three of their friends were crudely addressed by some boys. Zurma explains that he, together with a friend, went to talk to the boys who had bothered them: and during the interview the physical confrontation ignites. Another witness, Emanuele Cenciarelli, explains that Willy – who had been a schoolmate of Zurma – seeing his friend in difficulty approaches to understand what was happening and if he needed help. The boys who were the protagonists of the appreciation to Zurma’s friends had in the meantime called the White brothers to their aid: and they would have been the ones, together with the other two accused, to massacre Willy, hitting him with kicks and punches even while he was on the ground. There is a video taken by the cameras in the square but very dark and does not allow you to identify all the boys who are furious against Willy.

Gabriele and Marco BianchiGabriele and Marco Bianchi
Gabriele and Marco Bianchi

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