Willow “double-double” does not save DVTK from losing in the Hungarian championship

Kristīne Vītola | Photo: FIBA

Latvian women’s basketball national team player Kristīne Vītola on Saturday in the Hungarian championship game stood out with a “double-double”, but it was not enough to save the Miskolc DVTK from loss.

DVTK guests with 62:82 (13:25, 16:24, 20:14, 13:19) conceded Sopron’s “Euroleasing”, which is the championship unit of the championship.

In the 31 minutes and 57 seconds spent on Vītola Square, he scored 17 points, won 14 rebounds and once scored. The basketball player scored four of the nine two-point and three of the four three-point shots, finishing the game as the team’s most productive basketball player.

The Latvian national team player also blocked two throws, earned three personal notes, made four mistakes and ended the game with a negative +/- indicator -14.

Gabriel Lisa Williams, who played in the ranks of the winners, was more successful than Vītols in this game, who stood out with 20 points and five rebounds.

Vītola’s team has won four victories in seven games and takes the fourth place, while Pača’s “Pecs”, represented by Paula Stautmane, is in the penultimate, 11th position with two victories in five matches.

Laura Meldere, on the other hand, stood out with four points in the Italian championship game and helped her team in Venice “Umana Reyer” to win a devastating victory.

The Venetian team defeated Sasari Dinamo with the guests 97:57 (29:13, 30:23, 15:16, 24: 5), continuing the championship without fail.

Meldere took his place on the field. She played for nine minutes and 51 seconds, standing out with four points, one rebound and two assists.

The Latvian basketball player made two of the three two-point shots in the basket, made one mistake and ended the game with a +/- score of +5.

Lithuanian Gintare Petronite was the most productive in the ranks of the Venice unit with 21 points and 15 rebounds.

With eight victories in the same matches, the Venice team takes first place in the Italian championship.

Last season, Anete Šteinberga, who represents the Turkish championship club “Galatasaray” in Istanbul, also played in the same team together with Melder.

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