Will’Corona’s Chinese responsibility’ be revealed… WHO expert team arrives in Wuhan

Input 2021.01.14 10:42

The World Health Organization (WHO) international investigation team to investigate the origin and responsibility of the novel coronavirus infection (Corona 19) will visit China on the 14th to investigate the origin of Corona 19. With regard to the worldwide spread of Corona 19, it is noteworthy whether it will lead to meaningful investigation results amid fierce battles on accountability between the US and China.

According to Xinhua News on the 14th, an international investigation team will arrive in Wuhan, Hubei Province, on the same day regarding the origin of the WHO’s Corona 19, and work together with Chinese scientists for joint research. Wuhan was the first place where the first massive coronavirus infection occurred in December 2019, and was designated as the origin of Corona 19, and was one of the grounds for the “Chinese responsibility theory”.

Thewardros Adhanom Governor Yeosus WHO Secretary General/Yonhap News

After arriving in Wuhan, the WHO investigation team will be quarantined for a period of time in accordance with China‘s COVID-19 control regulations. During this period, discussions will be conducted with Chinese experts through video conference.

Previously, the WHO investigation team composed of multinational experts arrived in China on the 5th and planned to trace the origin of Corona 19 based on virus samples collected locally and interviews with infected people. However, as the Chinese government hesitated for reasons such as visa issues, even WHO Secretary General Thewardros Adhanom Gubrersus, who had been friendly to China, voiced critically at the delay in entry.

In response, Zeng Yi-shin, deputy head of the China National Hygiene and Health Committee, expressed his intention to actively cooperate with the WHO investigation team, saying, “China has been putting great importance on investigating the origin of the Corona 19 virus, feeling great responsibility, and is conducting research based on scientific spirit.” Showed. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Li Zhen also argued, “Since the coronavirus outbreak, China has been working closely with the WHO to clarify the origins of the virus with open, transparent and responsible attitudes.”

“This is an important task to confirm the source of the Corona 19 virus and the path that it has flowed into people, and we look forward to working closely with the Chinese side.”

However, even if the WHO investigation team visits Wuhan, it seems difficult to find out the origin of Corona 19 due to restrictions on information access. In February and July of last year, the WHO dispatched an investigation team to China to investigate the origin of Corona 19, but it did not produce any results.

WHO emergency response team leader Michael Ryan said the investigation is related to science, not politics. “We are not looking for criminals or people to blame.”


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