Will you marry again… Choi Choi and his ex-wife Yu Catnip are confused after the proposal for reunion[종합] – SPOTVNEWS

▲ Choi Choi (right) conveyed a complicated feeling while proposing a reunion to his ex-wife Yu Catnip. SourceㅣYu Catnip Facebook

[스포티비뉴스=정유진 기자] Recently, while YouTuber Choi Choi (Byeong-gyu Choi, 30), who appeared on TV Chosun’s’We Got Divorced’, proposed a reunion to his ex-wife Yu Cat-nip (Ye-rin Yoo, 28), curiosity is gathering behind the background.

On the 13th, Choi Choi said on his Instagram, “Why is my life a life I have to endure?”

He said, “I want to shed everything in my heart,” he said. “I can’t do that because the position that I confessed in the past felt worse.

In the photos released along with this, Choi Choi was looking at a mobile phone. It seems that he has shown a complicated feeling. Netizens are expressing their curiosity against the background of Choi Choi’s message. In addition, Choi Choi is paying attention to the recent proposal of reunion with his ex-wife Yu Catnip in TV Chosun’We Got Divorced’.

In’We Got Divorced’, which aired on the 11th, Choi Choi and Yoo Catnip revealed the instincts that they have not been able to bring out. The two talked about the complicated and difficult relationship between the divorced couple, confessing their difficult memories during marriage and sad memories after divorce. In particular, it drew attention, starting a conversation about bonding.

Choi Ki-gi took luck saying, “I’m sorry. I regret it. I wish I could go back to the happy past.” He offered to reunite, suggesting that he would solve the problem with his parents, the two’s biggest reason for divorce. However, Yoo Catnip was confused by Choi Choi’s proposal and replied, “Please give me time to think.”

Yoo Catnip’s answer was not delivered, and next week’s broadcast notice was hot topic. This is because a trailer was released stating that Choi Go-gi is going to meet his father, who was a mountain of conflict between the two. It is noteworthy whether the reunion between the two will actually take place, or whether Choi Choi’s writings will have an effect on his writings.

▲ Choi Choi. SourceㅣThe best SNS

Choi Choi is a YouTuber from African TV BJ with 16 years of internet broadcasting. Choi Ki-gi, who married Yu Catnip in 2016, embraced her daughter pine needles in November of that year. Choi Choi and Yu Catnip have been supported by fans by revealing their marriage through YouTube, but they divorced after 5 years of marriage last year. He is currently appearing on TV Chosun’We Got Divorced’.

Spotv News = Reporter Jung Yu-jin [email protected]


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