Will you be left without your favorite ice cream? Hard times for cold delicacy producers

Ice cream is one of the most delicious products, which has recently been reborn in various new forms and shapes, following the changing trends in demand. Various low-calorie products, vegan ice creams, sorbets, frozen yoghurts and other frozen products are becoming more and more popular, and consumers are increasingly demanding unconventional flavors and their combinations, which makes cold delicacy producers more and more adaptable to the demanding consumer.

However, ice cream manufacturers acknowledge that the market is currently fiercely competitive, and the new season cannot start with full vigor yet due to bad weather. Before the pandemic, various ice creams of small producers became more and more popular, but these few years have brought their own adjustments. Rising ice cream production costs and pressure to increase the price of the final product, the entry of low-cost networks are making market conditions increasingly fierce and market participants anticipate that there will be producers that will go out of business this year.

“Delfi” explains how much ice cream is eaten by one Latvian resident a year, who are the easiest ice cream eater in the world, as well as how much ice cream is produced in Latvia and how has its price changed?

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