Will Tura, Legendary Flemish Singer, Announces Retirement Due to Early Onset Alzheimer’s: His Final Single

Will Tura (82) has early Alzheimer’s. That is why, as previously announced, he will stop performing and why his new single will be his very last. He just told that himself Radio 2.

In an interview with his son-in-law Luk Alloo, Tura told on Friday morning Radio 2 why his new single – When I look back, with Bart Peeters – his very last word. “I have early onset Alzheimer’s and I have to fight it,” he said. “I feel and understand that nothing lasts and I want to put it out in a sensible way. So that people realize: Will knows what he wants, and if he sees it that way, then he should do it that way.”

The 82-year-old emperor of Flemish song has a hard time saying it, he added. “It is very sensitive.” Tura previously announced that he would retire from performing after more than sixty years on stage. He did not give the reason until now. In a press release, his management confirms what Tura said. “Will was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s a while back, which is the most common form of dementia,” it says. “Will is going to need all his strength to resist his illness as best he can and to suppress the symptoms for as long as possible.”

parting gift

His new single When I look back is intended as “a parting gift to his audience”, says Tura in the interview. He himself composed the music, the text is by Bart Peeters. Tura: “I went all out and it was very important for me to be able to do it that way.”

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“Why did I choose such a melancholy melody? I don’t know that myself. It always comes naturally. I felt something, and I played it like that. That’s the beauty of music: you can express it, sing it, whistle it. You can feel free. If you are allowed to compose something yourself, then you are grateful to heaven.”

Will Tura is a name like a clock in the Flemish music world. He scored a lot of hits, from Hope brings life over Lonely without you until Beautiful life is beautifuland recently Studio 100 made the musical Forget Barbara about his unparalleled career.

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