Will there be a World Championships in Linz next year? – Hockey-News.info

A number of World Championships will be awarded at tomorrow’s IIHF Congress. The ÖEHV with the Linz location is also applying for one.

The most important awards are those of the A world championships in 2023 and 2026, with only formal approval being involved. Next year’s A World Championships, which was taken away from Russia, will take place in Finland & Latvia. The A-WM 2026 in Switzerland.

Apart from the U20 World Championships (Halifax/Canada), all other World Championships for the coming season will also be awarded tomorrow. The ÖEHV is also applying for one of them.

Bernd Freimüller tweeted that the Austrian Ice Hockey Association has applied for the Women’s World Championship in Group 1A in April next year. This should take place in Linz.

The problem: With China there is an applicant who will probably be difficult to outdo. The third application from Holland only has outsider chances.

Bild: www.fodo.at

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