Will there be a second debate? Trump suggested a new term, Biden disagrees

The commission for debates has stated that the second presidential debate, scheduled for 15 October, will be virtual due to possible health risks. President Trump immediately responded, for whom such a format is unacceptable.

“It’s ridiculous. I will not debate at the computer, “he said. According to him, it would be a waste of time. The president’s election staff thus proposed a new option: to move the discussion to October 29, five days before the elections themselves.

But Biden refused. He is not to blame for the fact that Trump decided not to take part in the debate next week. It only counts on the final debate, which should take place on October 22. “It simply came to our notice then. It’s up to him, “said Biden’s election manager Kate Bedingfield. In the original term, Biden intends to debate with citizens.

The moderator of the canceled debate, Steve Scully from the C-SPAN station, contributed to the chaos. “Should I respond to Trump?” asked one of the president’s biggest critics, Anthony Scaramucci, on Twitter. However, he mistakenly sent the report publicly. “Ignore him, he’s had enough. Worse things will come, “Scaramucci replied.

“We are dealing with an irrational person

October 22 is the official date of the final debate for forty years. Biden’s election staff has no plans to change anything. “We wanted another debate, but we wanted it virtual because the president has a coronavirus. That must be understood by every reasonable person, “said one of Biden’s advisers. “We will not adapt just because we are dealing with an irrational person,” he added.

At the moment, it is not clear how many debates and when it will take place. Trump’s staff called on the organizers of the debates to cancel their decision on Thursday. They argue the statements of the president’s doctor, according to which the participation of the head of state in public will be safe from Saturday.

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