Will there be a lockdown in the Czech Republic? Babiš, Havlíček and Hamáček each speak differently!

Lockdown – measures not excluded by the Minister of the Interior Jan Hamáček (CSSD), his colleague Minister of Trade and Transport Karel Havlíček (for YES) rejected.

“We will wait until November 2 to see how the area measures will work. We will see how it develops, and on November 2 we will decide how to proceed,” said Minister Havlíček.

“We will see what numbers will be on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. The Ministry of Health will then evaluate them and determine possible further measures. The fact that some measures should have come sooner is proving to be true today,” Hamáček said. According to him, it will be very difficult to open primary schools on November 2.

“If we imagine a complete lockdown, which means that we will sit at home and not go anywhere, then it is impossible for such a measure to fail. But we certainly do not want to go into such a form,” says Health Minister Roman Prymula (for YES).

“On Wednesday, it will probably be decided whether our measures work,” said Prime Minister Andrej Babiš (YES). According to Minister Havlíček, Czechs need to shop before Christmas and kick-start the economy. It is said, however, that it is possible that shopping centers will regulate the number of customers – but again so that sales of retailers are not endangered.

“So the Czech Republic is already in a de facto lockdown economically and in a number of operations. You have to make such a decision from the point of view of numbers,” said the head of Pirates, Ivan Bartoš.

Czech hospitals are starting to lack staff. So far, 16 people have responded to the Medical Chamber’s call for doctors working abroad to return home for help.

“The situation is serious, we have seven and a half thousand infected paramedics, including 1,500 doctors. Healthcare is preparing for the huge wave of patients that is coming, it is already clear, because the measures will take some time before they take,” the president summed up. Czech Medical Chamber Milan Kubek.

After Sunday, the Minister of Agriculture Miroslav Toman also has a positive test for coronavirus. The office wants to drive online from home. “In those past days, the Minister observed all preventive measures – he wore a veil for all necessary and personal meetings, he kept his distance,” says the spokesman of the Ministry of Agriculture, Vojtěch Bílý.

Toman met with President Milos Zeman on Wednesday. According to a spokesman for the Castle, the measures were observed and the president is not endangered.


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