will the recreation centers be open during the holidays? [Mis à jour]


The closure of schools, as of Tuesday April 6, will have a significant impact on the daily life of families who are already looking for childcare solutions. This Thursday, April 1, the Minister of Education Jean-Michel Blanquer brought, at the microphone of our colleagues RTL, details on the issue of recreation centers. Will they be able to open during the school holidays which have been brought forward and unified throughout the territory? «
What we are aiming for is that during the holiday period, and especially in urban areas, there can be outdoor activities organized for children and adolescents so that they can have a holiday and qu ” they are not in activities where they do not respect the sanitary rules
», Confirmed the minister. While bringing a downside: ”
Each situation is specific and a certain number of details will be given to the actors over the next 48 hours.

If he states that ”
we will organize, especially for the most disadvantaged students, outdoor activities with strict health protocols
», Nothing indicates for the moment that all the pupils will be able to be accommodated as usual.

“We are awaiting the details of the ministry”

And it is not yet known whether all the leisure centers will be able to open. ”
For now, we are still awaiting details from the ministry
», Indicated this Thursday morning the association Bleu Ciel which manages the reception of leisure and extracurricular for the city of Amiens.

Meetings underway in town hall to define an organization

Contacted this Thursday afternoon, the latter indicates that ”
meetings are underway between departments and agents to determine the organization to be set up
“. But beware: if the day centers are well set up, they will not be open until April 12, next week being considered a school week with continuing education at home.

The classic leisure reception canceled this Thursday in the east of the Somme

Proof that the minister’s announcement should be taken with caution : this Thursday afternoon, the community of communes Terre de Picardie (which has brought together the communities of communes of Haute Picardie and Santerre since 2017) immediately announced that, in a context of severe crisis for the community, it was in the ‘obligation to do away with the classic spring break leisure accommodation. ”
The local context is not at all simple, we are breaking records in terms of incident rate which is close to 1200, we are on the verge of breaking up with staff who are also isolated, sick or have to look after their children.
», Explains Philippe Cheval, president of the community of communes. The traditional leisure reception is therefore eliminated in favor of a restricted reception which will be reserved for the children of priority personnel. ”
All the agents of the commune (animators, atsem, maintenance agents…) will be placed next week on special leave of absence because they too need rest in the face of the crisis situation that we are experiencing locally. Then, they will be mobilized in a staggered manner over the following two weeks to supervise the children of priority staff in small groups.



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