Will the new hero in LoL be a copy of Mobile Legends to give the Chinese a nose stick?

Yesterday we reported about a leaked voice issues, which probably belong to one of the upcoming characters. It turns out that there may be a small but very interesting detail in all this.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is a mobile production that for a long time has been copying League of Legends to such an extent that the matter of “borrowing” characters and their skills finally went to court.

Recall a quick description from one of our older articles:

The title is full of League of Legends. This is not about literal 1: 1 copies (which other producers have tempted in the past), but a strong inspiration of heroes, skins or their skills. While watching the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang advertisement, the thought comes to mind: “I’ve seen it somewhere”.

Will the new character in LoL be angry with Mobile Legends?

There was a lot of talk yesterday that Lilia will be the next heroine in LoL. We don’t know the character’s appearance yet, but there is an interesting theory in the community that it should be a character similar to what is in Mobile Legends. Why such a conclusion? In this production there is a heroine with a similar name Lylia.

According to the community, Riot may want to play Mobile Legends nose and now take something from them, since Chinese production is copying ideas and picking up players.

Will this happen? This is not known. The question is whether Riot wants to play such games at all and try to irritate the Chinese people. Certainly it would be an interesting move that virtually no one expects. However, this may not necessarily have good consequences in the form of even greater publicity for Mobile Legends.

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It would be risky for Riot, because they are facing the premiere of Wild Rift, which is a direct competitor of Mobile Legends. This could have some negative impact on Rito’s reputation. On the other hand, the studio has taken quite risky steps several times, laughing, for example, at Blizzard and his already famous questions about telephones

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