Will Thanksgiving Lead To Another US Corona Peak?

Many Americans ignore the advice to stay home before Thanksgiving. Experts fear the consequences of the busyness at the airport.

Will there be an unprecedented corona peak in the US after Thanksgiving? Dr. Anthony Fauci, who has headed the US virus control service for more than 30 years, is gloomy. He fears that the congestion at airports will lead to more infections and that the plane travelers will “get us in even more trouble than we are already in.” ‘You are in a busy airport, you are in line, not everyone wears masks … that puts yourself at risk,’ he said in an interview with the TV channel on Sunday. CBS.

Thanksgiving has traditionally been crowded at US airports. Many Americans take a flight criss-cross the country on their way to family or friends to spend the holiday together. From Friday to Sunday alone, a total of three million people in the US took the plane. That is the highest number since mid-March, when the pandemic emerged, reports AP. A new peak is expected for this weekend.

The US health service CDC previously urged not to travel before Thanksgiving. Traveling can increase your chance of getting and spreading covid-19. Postponing travel and staying home is the best way to protect yourself and others this year, ”the advice said. Former CDC director Tom Frieden put it a bit bolder on Twitter on Friday, writing that if “we’re not much more careful than we intend, this Thanksgiving will be the Super Bowl of superspreading.”

Thanksgiving-piek in Canada

The Thanksgiving feast itself also worries the experts. A feast where a roasted turkey cannot be missed on the table is one of the regular ingredients. “Think about the people you want to bring into your family,” Fauci warns. ‘Do you want a lot of people and a big dinner? And when you eat and drink, you should of course take off your mask. We now know that these are the kinds of situations that lead to outbreaks. ‘

Neighboring Canada may be a gauge for estimating a possible Thanksgiving effect. That country also celebrates Thanksgiving, which already happened on October 12 this year. According to experts, the party led to a new corona peak in the following weeks.

Before that, there had already been an increasing number of covid-19 cases, says epidemiologist Laura Rosella (University of Toronto) Time. But, she adds, “ the reason we’re pretty sure Thanksgiving increased the number of cases is because we saw the highest number of cases so far in the two weeks after Thanksgiving. That corresponds to the incubation period in which people showed symptoms and were reported. ‘

Rosella adds that contact tracking showed that Thanksgiving gatherings directly resulted in viral spread.

Record numbers

The number of U.S. hospital admissions for Covid-19 rose to more than 87,000 Tuesday, which is a record. This month, 30 out of 50 US states recorded record corona-related hospitalizations, according to news agency figures. Reuters. Since the start of the pandemic, nearly 260,000 people have died in the US and there are 12.6 million infections.


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