Will Squint End? After returning from Wales, I have a meeting at the FACR, where he will decide, the coach said

Cardiff (from our newsletter) – That’s where his team is waiting for a preparatory duel against Wales on Tuesday night.

Inside, are you determined how it will be with you?

After returning from Wales, we have a meeting with the implementation team with the FACR management, where we will discuss this issue. Only after her can I comment on this.

Do you still want to train the national team?

Please do not get angry, as I said, we have a meeting with the chairman and the union management. I have something in my head, but I don’t want to say now. The meeting will decide.

Is it important for your decision to support experienced players after a failed play in Sweden?

I’m glad I appreciate it. Trust must be made for the team to work properly. However, the final decision will be made at that meeting, I do not want to overtake now.

Was it difficult to lift the team after losing in Sweden?

We all have an elimination in our heads, the process was close. In each of us, the elimination left a taste of bitterness. But life goes on, now we have another match. We will still work on motivation on the day of the match. I believe that the boys, even those who did not start in Sweden, will want to show up. I hope we find the strength to show good performance.

Jindra Staněk will definitely catch. Otherwise, we plan to give the opportunity to all the players who are with us in Cardiff. We want to show a performance full of energy, as in Sweden.

We want to end the meeting victoriously, we have something to return to Wales, says Jakub JanktoVideo: Sport.cz, FAČR

So the striker Václav Jurečka, who has made great progress this season, will have his premiere?

Jurečka deserved a nomination for his performances not only recently. He scores goals, now it’s his turn in the national team. Is it late at twenty-seven? I don’t know. I remember Honza Koller, who debuted on the national team later, and what a player he was.

Do you expect Wales to build a combined line-up as well?

Wales is in a different mood, he has managed a playoff with Austria, the final is waiting for him. We expect him to start with gusto. We’ll see if they also spread the lineup.

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