Will Smith’s ex Sheree Zampino had a huge reaction to the Chris Rock Slap

Will Smith and his ex-wife, Sheree Zampino, with whom he shares a son, Trey Smith, have remained close friends since their divorce in 1995. So, of course, on Aug. 8, “The Real Housewives of Beverly” star Hills” shared it. thoughts on the infamous Oscar night with Us Weekly. “It was one of those moments where I froze,” Zampino told the publication. “The first thing you do is try to make sense of it in the [moment]. And when it doesn’t make sense at the time… We didn’t even have time. I didn’t even deal with it.”

Zampino warned that a public reconciliation between Chris Rock and Smith would be a “powerful” moment for everyone. “When can Chris and Will come together and publicly heal and extend forgiveness to each other?” she asked. “Do you know how many people that will help and free? So, I see the opportunity in that.”

And while the reality star hopes the two men will squash the tension, she knows Smith will be fine regardless. “I think the reason he’s so successful is because he’s done it with a lot of dignity, he’s done it with a lot of grace,” she revealed. “Will is always going to be okay.”

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