Home Entertainment Will Smith discovers the galette des rois with Youtubers McFly & Carlito

Will Smith discovers the galette des rois with Youtubers McFly & Carlito

YouTube / mcfly & Carlito

Will Smith ate galette des rois with YouTubers Mcfly & Carlito

THE GOOD LINK – For his first French Epiphany, Will Smith was treated to a complete initiation. Traditional pancake à la Dunkerquoise du Nord, passing by the brioche of the kings of the South, the actor tried everything, under the leadership of Youtubeurs Mcfly & Carlito.

In a video posted this Sunday, January 12, the two Youtubers explain that they had the opportunity to spend half an hour with Will Smith and Martin Lawrence, on tour for the promotion of movie “Bad Boys 3”, in theaters in France from January 22.

After a brief introduction of the history of the galette des Rois and a new regulation on the discovery of the bean – a pledge to whoever finds it -, Carlito and McFly have gone to tasting.

Let the purists of the galette breathe a big blow, Will Smith began by finding a resemblance between the galette with the frangipane “very tasty” and… the cheesecake, American cake made from cheese. His screen partner Martin Lawrence found him a little apple flavor.

After the brioche des rois, prized in the south of France, the tasting ended with the Dunkirk, particularly appreciated by Will Smith who also had fun pronouncing the word in French.

Crowned twice as kings, the actor had to submit to two pledges: crying on orders, a performance he achieved without any difficulty, and recording with Martin Lawrence the final sequence of the videos for Mcfly & Carlito.

Having Will Smith who encourages – in French please – to subscribe to his channel should further increase the popularity of the two Youtubers, whose video exceeded 2 million views less than 24 hours after its dissemination.

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