Will Smith and his $ 100,000 celebration for the 4th of July

Every July 4, the social networks of celebrities are filled with photographs of the parties they have celebrated on the occasion of the Independence Day in the United States: which Taylor Swift (31) organized religiously from 2013 to 2016 in his Rhode Island mansion (the same one that would end up serving as the inspiration for his song ‘The Last Great American Dynasty’) became an event in which bouncy castles and posed for Instagram were not lacking in bikinis with the stars and stripes flag.

This year the actor Will Smith he has spent the national holiday in New Orleans, where he is working on the set of a movie titled ‘Emancipation’. Therefore, the Hollywood actor decided organize this Sunday a fireworks show on the banks of the Mississippi River, which he paid for out of his own pocket, after learning that in 2021 the city did not plan to offer its inhabitants any special event due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Total, would have paid about a hundred thousand dollars for a fireworks display that took place at nine o’clock at night and that the mayor of New Orleans, LaToya Cantrell, promoted on Twitter beforehand to thank the interpreter for this beautiful gesture. “The gift of the city’s fireworks was made possible by actor and producer Will Smith, along with his company Westbrook,” he wrote on his account.

So basically … He’s the local hero for this 4th of July, and the gesture didn’t go unnoticed. He received tons of thank you tweets from city officials, as well as from countrymen who are more than happy to have his fireworks show back.

By the way, the movie Will is working on looks like it smells like Oscar, since tells the true story of a slave named Peter who escapes from a Louisiana plantationConsidering her acting skills and powerful original story, something tells us we’ll be talking about her again in the next awards season.


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