Will Silent Hills Playable Teaser also be backwards compatible?

Despite all the information pitted these days by Sony on the backward compatibility of PS5, as well as on Game Boost and PS4 games excluded, it is still unclear whether the Japanese tech giant’s nextgen console will support the iconic horror PT or not.

The Playable Teaser from Silent Hills who turned 6 last August, as per the specifications recently illustrated by Official PlayStation Support, is not part of the list of PS4 games not supported on PS5, but its nature of “extended demo” and removal from the PS Store could somehow justify its absence from this list.

Still based on the information shared by PlayStation Support, however, it is specified that the PS4 user will still be able to bring the save games and installation data to PS5 of their games, pouring them onhard disk interno of the nextgen system, on any secondary M.2 SSD or on an external storage device. This will therefore be the system that fans will use for bring PT to PlayStation 5 and guarantee it a new life on the next family of Sony consoles?

In the unfortunate eventuality of this famous horror demo not being supported with Sony‘s new home platform, the Silent Hills project is closed and the divorce tra Konami e Hideo Kojima are factors that contribute to making it extremely unlikely the creation of a dedicated update by the original authors and producers of PT, unlike titles such as DMWR, for which backward compatibility on PS5 may arrive via patch.

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