Will push for statehood in Washington | government

Governor Pedro Pierluisi reiterated that he will attend the inauguration of Joe Biden as president of the United States and assured that he will use this trip to promote statehood for Puerto Rico.

The first executive made the expressions at the end of his participation in the inauguration of the mayor of Bayamón, Ramón Luis Rivera, who was sworn in yesterday for the sixth time.

“I am going to fulfill the ministerial duty that I have to ask the federal authorities to respond to the vote of our people in the plebiscite. There is a transition to statehood that I am going to demand to begin and that is established by the law itself, ”he said.

“Every meeting I have, every meeting I have with congressional leaders, I am going to touch on the issue of the treatment we deserve, the lack of participation in programs such as supplemental social security income, credits for dependent children that are not being received. ”, He added.

Pierluisi did not specify who he will meet during this trip. Biden’s inauguration is January 20.

On the other hand, the governor indicated that he has had a headache after receiving the first dose of the coronavirus vaccine on Tuesday. He said he is taking acetaminophen to treat this side effect, as doctors recommend.

In his message during Rivera’s swearing in – who led the incoming transition committee – the president stated that he will complete the extension of the PR-5 expressway that connects Bayamón and Naranjito. He revealed that the mayor of Bayamon gave him a list of 160 projects that he wants to promote in the municipality, but he promised to complete this section.

“He has made a commitment here with the people of Bayamón and with the people of the region because people from Naranjito, Comerío, Barranquitas and Bayamón will benefit and I have to thank him for that,” said Pierluisi.

Evaluate vacant positions

On the other hand, the press secretary of the chief executive, Sheila Angleró, told EL VOCERO in written statements that candidates for vacant positions, such as the Office of the Comptroller and the ninth seat in the Supreme Court, are still under evaluation. The appointees must be confirmed by a Legislature dominated by the Popular Democratic Party (PPD).

“The governor continues to evaluate different people for appointments to the comptroller and the Supreme Court and, when he has the candidate or candidate, he will discuss it with the presidents of both legislative bodies,” said Angleró. “In the case of the Supreme Court, the appointment goes to the Senate, but the comptroller goes to both bodies,” he said.


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