will not be the fourth large mobile operator in the Czech Republic, resulting from the result of the auction of the telecommunications series Companies and markets

Prague The fourth large mobile operator will not be in the Czech Republic yet, according to the results of the auction of frequencies conducted by the Czech telecommunications ad (T). Frequencies for smart mobile 5G in the 700 megahertz (MHz) range were divided between O2, T-Mobile and Vodafone.

Together with CentroNet and Nordic Telecom, these companies divided the blocks in psm 3400 and 3600 MHz.

T on the day of the press first stated that the original seven bidders in the auction eventually succeeded, failing the companies Poda and Sev.en Innovations, which belong to the Sev.en Energy group, financier Pavel Tykae. The total development price was 5.4 billion crowns. The auction was to enter the market of one or more new operators who would increase competition in the market, which could lead to a decline in the price of mobile data.

T-Mobile announced that T-Mobile would pay a total of CZK 1.89 billion for frequencies, Vodafone CZK 1.57 billion, O2 CZK 1.34 billion, CentroNet CZK 628 million and Nordic Telecom CZK 168 million.

The results of the auction and the interest in the frequencies offered show that we have set the conditions for the selection of the right to achieve their goal. To deepen the competition, it is certainly a good first indication that the entry of new opertos in the psi 3400 and 3800 MHz will strengthen its position. The total number is 5.596 billion crowns, which is not enough, said Hana Tovrkov, chairwoman of Council T.

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Telekomunikan ad drail frequencies in the 700 MHz band released by the transition of TV broadcasts to DVB-T2 and thus frequencies of 3.4 and 3.6 gigahertz (GHz). The total development price was about 900 million crowns lower, it was not the original order last year. The reason was the results of similar competitions elsewhere in the world and the reduction of one of the frequency blocks, for which there is a mutual obligation to provide so-called national roaming.

He said that in the 700 MHz region, O2 Czech Republic acquired a 2×10 MHz block, connected with a bundle of national roaming and services for crises and security components of the state. He put the blocks in this dog acquired by T-Mobile Czech Republic and Vodafone Czech Republic.

Blocks with a size of 20 MHz in the psm 3400 and 3600 MHz, combined with a beam of frequency transmission to support the so-called Industry 4.0, were then acquired by O2 Czech Republic and CentroNet. Other candidates in this dog were T-Mobile Czech Republic, Vodafone Czech Republic and Nordic Telecom 5G, added T.

In response to the results of the auction, Nordic Telecom stated that it is fulfilling Czech customers to offer mobile services as well as existing services with a fixed Internet connection. The sale in the auction is another step for us to become an important game in the market of mobile services. Thanks to the newly acquired 5G frequency, we intend to offer mobile services to customers throughout the country, said David Voska, the company’s director of external relations. However, the Lupa.cz website warned that the company will depend on so-called national roaming at O2.

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Due to changes in the conditions of the auction, the government dismissed the then chairman T Jaromir Novka in January. In his place, she replaced the current member of the council, Hana Tovrková, who received a round of beer on the market of the fourth operator. Michal Blha, the founder of the Hlda sttu website, pointed this out on Twitter.


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