Will Microsoft Flight Simulator take time to arrive on Xbox One? Devs respond

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Microsoft Flight Simulator it is available now and was very well received by the PC community. However, Asobo Studio has remained silent regarding the promised Xbox One version.

As expected, there are many players waiting for the arrival of the simulator to the console, especially since not all have a PC capable of running Microsoft Flight Simulator with acceptable performance.

Asobo Studio knows that some console users are somewhat concerned, fearing that the game will skip the current generation to debut directly on Xbox Series X. So the developers decided to talk about the issue and the version for Xbox One.

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Microsoft Flight Simulator still standing for Xbox One

Asobo Studio did not reveal a release date for Microsoft Flight Simulator for Xbox One, but reaffirmed its commitment to bring the ambitious simulator to the current generation console.

Remember that Phil Spencer, head of Xbox, assured that Microsoft Flight Simulator it will be an amazing experience on Xbox Series X. Despite this, the Xbox One version still stands and continues to be developed.

Asobo Studio recently stated that it knows the Xbox One version is important. For this reason, they are working as hard as possible so that the simulator reaches the console as soon as possible.

“We are working very hard to make this happen. We do not have a date yet, but we are working at full speed. Because we know it is important,” said Jorg Neumann, Head of Microsoft Flight Simulator.

The creative said that they receive daily requests to launch the simulator on Xbox One. Neumann guaranteed that this version will come true, but asked the players for patience.

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Microsoft Flight Simulator had a successful launch on PC, where triumphed on platforms like Steam and Twitch. Unfortunately, the game was victim of the infamous review bombing on Metacritic.

In case you missed it: ¿Microsoft Flight Simulator will it have support for virtual reality?

Microsoft Flight Simulator is now available for PC. Find all the news related to the game in this link.


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