Will Kleinsteinbach / Singen manage the surprise against Freiburg? – Sports

Pforzheim. Although Kleinsteinbach / Singens Asse in the Table tennis regional league southwest Still without a point win, they have the opportunity on Saturday evening at the guest appearance in Freiburg to outstrip the group of free gymnasts in the table with a win.

It goes without saying that this task will be anything but easy, but Albert Vilardell & Co should pull out all the stops to cause a surprise in Breisgau.

Two floors below – in the Verbandsoberliga – the TTC Mutschelbach receives SV Niklashausen, which is in second place. Are Manuel Winter and his colleagues in a position to outsmart the men from the Main-Tauber district and make up for more ground in terms of relegation battle?

Kleinsteinbach / Singen II and Dietlingen in action twice

The TTG Kleinsteinbach / Singen II is even challenged twice in the Association league. If the team around Kevin Valentin has to hand over their business card to the DJK Käfertal / Vogelstang on Saturday, they will meet FC Lohrbach one day later in the Singen sports hall of the mountain school.

The TTC Dietlingen is also in action twice in the Association class south. While the team around Andreas Weber had a great chance to score points against TTV Ettlingen IV and thus climb to the saving seventh place, the grapes at ASV Grünwettersbach III on Sunday should be quite high.

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