Will it be verified at the polls?


Warning Sign-Herbert Mujica Rojas


Alanista re-registration: will it be verified at the polls?

Amazing things happen in Peru, it rains upwards, the gravediggers re-register matches, the convicts against the Homeland are awarded and named. Taking things from Peru seriously, warned González Prada.

Those who buried Apra, took it to less than 3% of the vote, alienated it from ideology, doctrine, morality or behavior, turned it into a platform for all kinds of businesses, preferably bribery and deeply dishonest, today they have “re-registered” that group.

Would you believe in the possibility that the Nazis paid a heartfelt posthumous tribute to the victims, 6 million Jews, that they themselves burned in the concentration camps?

The Alanistas, a lumpen and destructive sect, turned Apra into a helpful caricature of Fujimoriism and pulverized the conduct from the people with their sufferings and sufferings, to put a sympathetic shell on the groups of power.

Have we not seen figures and figures, all gray, stripped of any intellectuality or heroic creation in political construction, making clown marches supporting unrepresentative minorities?

The blemishes (2) against the Alanist inscription followed their natural course: they failed. Everything seems to indicate that the conspiracy required by the system (nothing counts, “Peru needs parties”) was stronger than any objection. Wasn’t it like that gentlemen of the JNE?

Not a few laws or provisions in Peru are made to never be fulfilled. And we are going 202 years with that system so beneficial to the bosses and their mandarins.

The issue is not just about registration. There are APRA militants who, with spectacular innocence and candor, are already “envisioning” a “third government”. And the reality is very cruel.

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There is not a single event, social conflict, representative entity, in any part of the country, that has APRA participation in the leadership, much less in the militancy. In good Spanish, the once powerful voice of a people that was never less than 30%, today does NOT exist.

If it is true, as I affirm with immense consternation, although I am very clear about who the criminals guilty of this situation are, what guarantees that this registration does not crash with any electoral count below the fence?

Many veterans have already warned: if Alanism manages to fail all along the line again, this time there is no rescue or resurrection. Just undertakers.

With morons who make charts combining Haya de la Torre with Bob Marley or fifth-rate drunkards who believe that waving with their left arm is part of their fun or vain obese people who don’t bathe to feign poverty, there is no replacement or future.

The victory that the future owes us, as González Prada warned, is a chimera, an opium dream, an abject fantasy.

Young people who uncritically cheer for AG should know that politics is not only a science but an activity in which moral values ​​need to be preserved with uncompromising conduct. Receiving tips and prizes, temporary stimuli and flattery is only obscurantist mercenarism.

Who would cast their vote for old and discredited figures suspected of illegal conduct, mistresses maintained with state money, unholy businesses and invasion of ministries as part of a highly criminal design?

There is no eschatology or insult that the Alanista thieves have not incurred: they destroyed the Party, stripped it of ideology, pulverized the Fraternity, anemiad it in its social conception of the United Front of Manual and Intellectual Workers, they spat on the sacrifice of their heroes and martyrs, they turned theft and monra into “forms of life” and the best demonstration is that for the ordinary inhabitant “all Apristas are vulgar thieves.” The swindler, thief and vile exactionist must simply be recognized as such. And for life.

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Those who aspire to be parliamentarians, ministers, civil servants, will have to understand that a party in 2.8% does not win any election. And most likely, more than one successful opportunist will migrate in the face of reality.

Re-registration does not guarantee anything. Miracles do not exist, at least in politics.

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