Will.I.Am launches first ‘smart’ face mask | Entertainment

entertainment“>The singer wore a hip variant of a gas mask during the MTV VMAs in 2020, which eventually served as the prototype for his smart mask. Marc Benioff, the big boss of the American tech company Salesforce, saw this and immediately contacted Will.I.Am to further develop the mask. The mask has been in production for a year until it is now launched.

entertainment“>The mask was designed by Jose Fernandez, who created costumes for the films, among other things Black Panther, The Avengers in X-Men 2. It is made of silicone, has three built-in fans, noise-canceling headphones, LED lights, a rechargeable battery and a Bluetooth 5.0 connection. In addition, the mask can be worn without fogging up your glasses.

entertainment“>“We developed Xupermask to change the ‘new normal’. Wearing a face mask has become so common that we wanted to take it to the next level, with all the technical gadgets we need today, ”says Will.I.Am.

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