Will Hamburg ever play in the Bundesliga again? “A vicious circle!”

No, because HSV has a huge problem

Hamburger SV has done itself a favor with the bankruptcy against Sandhausen – after all, it is now avoiding the two Nordderby defeats in the relegation against Bremen. Because if you have learned one thing as a football fan in the past few years, it is: If HSV has the chance to embarrass itself on the big stage, then it will use it.

No leadership, no bite, no punch. HSV fans should be happy that their club remains a second division. Twice in a row one scratched the ascent. If it was up to the budget and class of the players, you would have had to advance this season. But the HSV has a huge problem that makes returning to the Bundesliga almost impossible:

The image of the chaos club seems to hamper their own professionals. For years, HSV players have seemed more relieved than really pleased after victories. Relieved because they prevented the next embarrassment? This is the problem. The fear of the consequences of failure: spot, malice, hostility. Unnecessary pressure.

And even if you are new to HSV as a footballer, you have to live with it. Because you are automatically part of it. A vicious circle that can hardly be broken – and will prevent the Bundesliga from returning. The HSV will probably never come back.


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